South West Water planned works in Polperro

As you are probably aware in 2011 South West Water invested in a major project to install a screening pump station and a long sea outfall pipe in Polperro which removed the original crude sewage outfall next to the harbour. The first part of this outfall is located in a narrow rock gully before the pipe drops to the sea bed.


In the intervening years, this section of pipe has taken a huge pounding by the waves that get amplified in the gully resulting in the original concrete protection for the outfall pipe being broken up and washed away and leaving the exposed pipe in need of remedial work.


The location of the pipe makes repairs from the landward side impossible to undertake safely and consequently the only option is to work from a large platform located in the sea off the end of the gully. We hope to undertake the works in early summer to take advantage of calmer seas and complete the project before the main holiday season begins.


We have obtained the necessary MMO license and have liaised with the Harbour Master, we are currently in the process of procuring a ‘Jack up’ platform and I will be able to update you with a programme of works once this is booked.

We anticipate the works will take about 6 weeks to complete, but this is dependent upon the weather and other factors. If we get poor weather resulting in even moderate waves it will simply be too dangerous for the divers to work safely and we will need to prolong the works. Obviously we will be wanting to complete the works as quickly as possible.


The works will not affect any services in the area and access to the site will be from the sea so there will be very little extra traffic through the town. We have liaised with Natural England and the EA & had an ecology survey undertaken and we’re aiming to create a new rockpool with the concrete protection being placed to enhance biodiversity.


Please feel free to share this information with the councillors and any other interested parties




Barry Birch

Stakeholder Relations Lead


07818 578502


Peninsula House, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7HR