Environment Agency/ Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd – Langreek Screen Works – Road Closure

Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd apologise for any inconvenience caused by the road closure.

The road closure is necessary for the safe delivery of the project and has been assessed and accepted by Cornwall Council Highways as the correct method of Traffic Control in this instance. Having a lane open s not an option due to legislation defined in the Highways Code of Practice. While the road is not open to traffic, we must provide safe pedestrian and wheelchair access for the duration of the works.

The narrow road is supported by a wall which is being altered by the works. Therefore, the road will be unsupported and unable to carry traffic until the works to wall are complete.

Therefore, we appreciate your understanding and co-operation by not trying to access the road closure, other than on foot. Attempting to drive through the road closure puts the driver, the public and our workforce at serious risk.

The road closure diversion route is shown alongside this poster.

Should you need to contact us please use the following email address: bkneeshaw@bridgecivileng.co.uk

We also have a feedback letterbox on the outside of our site fencing.

Mike Rockey

Construction Director