South West Water works in Polperro

Good afternoon


Our works to repair the outfall pipe have been substantially delayed by poor sea conditions, in addition we will need to bring additional equipment into the harbour area. I would appreciate it if you could update the statement on your website with the  following.


An update on works by South West Water


“Work to replace an outfall pipe in Polperro Harbour which has been damaged by the weather and stormy sea conditions has been delayed by poor weather conditions this summer.


To protect the environment and water quality in the harbour, we aim to replace the pipe as soon as possible, subject to improved conditions.


In order to minimise any environmental impact while we temporarily turn the pumps off at the treatment works, we will need to bypass part of the sewer in the outer harbour during the work and you will see additional equipment in the harbour area.


We would like to thank local residents and visitors for their patience while we complete these essential and complex works.”





Barry Birch

Stakeholder Relations Lead


07818 578502


Peninsula House, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7HR