Changes to rubbish and recycling collection times in preparation for new food waste service

Construction works are being carried out to prepare Cornwall’s rubbish and recycling transfer sites for the introduction of weekly food waste collections. While the facilities are upgraded, some sites will be closed, and crews will need to take different routes while making collections.

This means that from May rubbish, recycling and garden waste collection times may be earlier or later than usual in some areas.

All households are being reminded to put their rubbish, recycling and garden waste out at 7am on their designated collection days to make sure they don’t miss their collections.

Temporary changes to recycling processing 

During the works, there will be temporary changes to the way some recycling is processed. Some recyclable materials collected from Cornwall homes will be transported to other recycling facilities in the South West. These materials will be mixed during transport but will be re-sorted once they arrive at the recycling facility. All recycling collected from households in Cornwall will be recycled.

Cornwall Council is asking that everyone continues to sort their recycling into their recycling bags and box as usual before they put it out for collection.

Weekly food waste collections and fortnightly rubbish and recycling collections

Later this year Cornwall Council will introduce weekly food waste collections and fortnightly rubbish and recycling collections to all households across the county. The new collections will be rolled out in five stages, area by area.

Food waste containers and a wheelie bin or protective sack will be supplied to each household in advance.

Each household will be contacted directly with more information about the new services before they are introduced in their area. In the meantime, residents who need more recycling bags or boxes can order them via Cornwall Council’s website.

For more information

There’s more information about the new food waste, rubbish and recycling collections on Cornwall Council’s website.